Cars For Cash Services

We Pay Top Dollar – Any Vehicle – Any day

Cars for Cash Services is a 24 hours commitment in Edmonton, maintains tow trucks for all types of services including free towing  for scrap cars and damaged cars.  We are able to handle 4×4 trucks that are mired in marshy areas, rusted vehicles in your driveway, broken cars or any other vehicle that needs to be removed. We provide services that include junk car removal, scrap car removal, and damaged car buying.

 Using state-of-the-art equipment, training and techniques we provide our customers with damage-free service that is efficient and reasonably priced.

Quick Response & Free Towing Service

When you need your car removed, you want it now.  At Cash for Cars 24 hours we are able to deliver 24-hour online quotes and on time removal of your vehicle in Edmonton and its surrounding area.  Tow trucks are always serviced and ready for us to provide you with the quality of service you deserve.

For the company with the experts, experience and equipment, contact Cash for Cars 24 hours.

cars for cash services